The Beautiful Girls - Let's Take The Long Way Home

So tired of this heavy load, I've been carrying it for so long
I don't know what it wants with me, Lord, please let me be

Rolling dice on my hotel room bed
"Man, it feels so nice to love some one" she said
"Cause when the evening comes I'm scared to be bad all by myself"
And I know exactly how it feels to be by myself

And now she's singing,
"Happiness always scared me half to death, never had myself no lovin' to caress"
Little darling, stop those tears and dry those eyes, I'mma be right here
And I'd really love to stay tonight, if you'll have me here

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Little girl you know I love you so
Let's take it easy now and simmer down
Little girl, let's take the long way home